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Edit:2/2/14 I wanted to thank everyone for accepting my invitations for your art to be submitted here and to all my newest members and watchers for joining :D :D!!

This group is for sexy and mature Frozen fan art. Tons and tons of Frozen fan art on DA yet It's quite hard to always look for this fabulous films fan art with mature content so I've decided to create a group for it.

Ok Rules:

1.) ABSOLUTELY NO INCEST PICTURES. I've been seeing a few of them on DA and I don't want them here. Anyone who summits them will be immediately disapproved.

2.) No totally hard core porn stuff here, I'll have look at each submission carefully before accepting it or not. Nude pics and classic nude fine.

3.) Elsa and Jack Frost mature pics are fine, depending on rule number 2.

4.) Gay pictures are fine as along they're not in violation of rule 1 or 2.

5.) Frozen crossovers to other Disney films or non Disney films are accepted so long as there's sexy/mature content in it.

6.) There has to be a Frozen character in it obviously or else not accepted.

7.) No hate speech or harassment of any kind and certainly no trolls and I don't mean the one's from Kristoff's family. If you're offended by the groups theme this group is certainly not for you so leave.

I'll update this as I go along.

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